Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FREE "First Hug" Smart Baby Blanket (reg $29.99) + lots of coupons for new moms or moms to be HURRY!!

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Free Baby Blanket

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Balance Bars any variety - $9.99 for a box of 15 SHIPPED! that's cheaper than wholesale.

http://www.thenaturalstore.com/ has a 1-per-household promotion on any 15 pack BALANCE BAR variety ( up to $16.89 per box) for only $5  + 4.99 s/h.

this is the lowest price by far on a protein-rich balance bars.   Next lowest price is at wal-mart at $1 each + tax.

compare these to amazon:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Banana box grocery, cased goods and general merchandise wholesaler & liquidator - by the box, pallet or truckload

Thousands of stores nationwide close for many reasons - some poor performance, some for remodeling and renovation, some due to Mergers & Acquisitions activity. Have you ever wondered about where does all of their merchandise go? Ever wondered where chains such as Marshalls, Ross, TJMAXX, Value Depot and others get their discounted merchandise? Well, wonder no more. without a doubt, they get their merchandise form overstock, surplus and liquidation distributors.

One such distributor is GDC. GDC, based in Fresno, California, distributes a wide variety of surplus grocery products, case goods, and overstock items to customers worldwide. GDC is the largest banana box wholesaler in the nation. ( ever been to a flea market and seen sellers with lots of banana boxes spread out on the ground?)

GDC deals in Banana box groceries, cased goods groceries and general merchandise.

Current list of available products includes CVS pharmacy products, Lumene skin care products and make up, pet food, paper towels and other variety of goods. See complete list here:



Banana Box Groceries 

Banana box groceries are a product of the reclamation process. Unsold and/or partially damaged goods at the store level are routed back to a reclamation service for vendor bill back and processing. After the product is processed it is packed in banana boxes. Usually there is a wide variety of mixed items. This product is great for flea market vendors and small discount stores. The products are generally not suitable for chain store environments due the reverse processing required. Banana boxes could be boxes with mixes of food, health and beauty, pet foods and other items, or items from specific categories only.

Cased Goods Grocery

Cased groceries are fresh goods in original sealed boxes. Generally these items come directly via the manufacturer or their distribution channel. These groceries are suitable for retail sales at virtually any brick & mortar establishment, as well as wholesale sales, import and export sales, etc. this is an opportunity to save mega money on purchasing quality retail-ready merchandise.

General Merchandise 

General Merchandise pallets are loose packed into brown boxes and generally all items in the pallet fall within a category, such as toys, cleaning, paper goods, domestics, electronics, etc. These pallets are either sold by the pallet at a fixed price or as a percentage of wholesale. You can buy these by the pallet, but larger quantity discounts are almost always offered for full truckload purchases.


GDC Commodities Exchange
4603 North Brawley #104
Fresno, CA 93722
Phone: 559-271-3290

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