Friday, September 24, 2010

60% OFF for Best Belkin Protective Carry Case For Amazon KINDLE

Do you own a Kindle?   or a Kindle 3G Reader? Do you love it as much as i do?  Hopefully you have some sort of a protective case or  A Protective Clear Silicone Skin Case   for it, but if you don't, consider one of these great - BEST RATED Belkin Protective cases.  some of them happen to be on sale at   such as  Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case (Fits 6" Display, 2nd Generation Kindle)  , or  Belkin Pleated Kindle Sleeve (Fits 6" Display, 2nd Generation Kindle) in Plum Color , or  Built Neoprene Kindle Sleeve (Fits 6" Display, 2nd Generation Kindle), Black for only $9.99  - that's 60% off.   I own one of the Belkin cases, (was happy to pay $20 for it) and purchased another one just to have a spare.

Prefer leather cases?  Check out This Leather Cover for just $15, or This Nero Leather Elite Case for Just $11.45, Including shipping!

If you need one, now is a great time to get one.  with popularity of Kindle - quality, brand name cases are rarely seen at such huge savings.

Monday, September 20, 2010

WOW! Amazing Mystery Box Offer that is GUARANTEED or Your Money Back!!

Most of us have seen offers for various mystery boxes, perhaps some purchased mystery boxes in the past, but were not too happy with contents.  Well, here is your chance to change your luck a bit, and have a great deal of influence on what will be in your box.  for $19.99 you can get a mystery box full of goodies, and if you dont like what's in the box - just return it, and the company will even pay for return shipping.  THAT'S RIGHT!  YOU RISH ZERO!  In order to get the best possible stuff in your box, during check out, tell them a bit mroe about yourself and your likes/dislikes.  Your box will be custom tailored to your liking.  HOW COOL IS THAT?  Check it out: 


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