Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Need some Money FAST? Try this! I made $422

We could all use some extra cash these days. What many of us may not quickly realize is that we have "money" laying around the house, or to say it differently - items that are worthless to you, but are worth money. I am talking about all types of electronic items. That's right. Electronics.

I was able to make $422 just by cleaning out our garage, storage closet, and kids piles of "abandoned" stuff, permanently living at the bottom of their closet.

what i gathered:

1st generation ipod
old PSP
older sony stereo sitting in our garage
old 8mp point-and-shoot digital camera
old sony pentium 3 laptop

my take: $422


I sent these items for a trade in and got paid by paypal once they received them.

find out how much your stuff is worth by filling out their QUICK, instant quote.  If you like the quote, simply proceed with your trade-in, and you will be able to print a PRE-PAID shipping label.  Pack and ship, that's all there is to it.   give it a try - it only takes seconds, literally.


  1. Following you from Follow me back Tuesday. Would appreciate it if you could stop over and follow me back. Terry
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  2. That sounds interesting, but... that would involve going up in the hot attice. Sounds like a great winter project!

  3. Very cool, as much as I ebay I can't believe I didn't know about this.


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