Friday, October 22, 2010

READY FOR A SUPER GIVEAWAY? We reached our first milestone - 100 followers (DON'T LAUGH)

First big step in blogging world - we got a 100.!!

As promised, we have been working on a huge giveaway for our readers, and we are happy to say - WE GOT A DEAL.   One of our suppliers agreed to provide an AMAZING ITEM.

Be on a lookout.  Giveaway post coming shortly.


Absolutely Free!: Your Guide to Receiving Hundreds of Exciting and Valuable Free Products

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Freebies 4 Mom

Free from Uncle Sam: America's Secret Cash Giveaways

501 Things Free - A Consumers Guide To Give-Aways In Australia

Free Money: Winning the Government Giveaway Game

Free e-mail newsletter subscriptions are more than giveaways.: An article from: The Newsletter on Newsletters

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