Friday, January 16, 2015

FREE $33 Value Gerber Baby Formula for Amazon Prime Amazon Mom members

This deal was just too good to not post. Please share with everyone who can use this formula.
Amazon is offering a FREE Gerber Good Start Infant Formula Sample Box when you apply promo code GOODSTART at checkout

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Contains 12.7 oz of Gerber Good Start Gentle- for routine formula feeding
Gerber Good Start Gentle is inspired by the complete nutrition and gentleness of breastmilk
Contains 12.4 oz of Gerber Good Start Soothe - for infants experiencing excessive crying, colic, and fussiness
Gerber Good Start Soothe contains probiotic L. reuteri, clinically shown to reduce crying time by 50% in colicky breastfed infants

Three-in-One Trike Grows with Your Child
For parents who want a training tricycle their children can use through the toddler years, the Ready Set Go! Trike offers a three-step system to ease children into riding on their own. Kids will be thrilled to pedal and cruise, and parents will appreciate the control this trike allows them.

Phase One: Push and Stroll
The Push and Stroll phase is for children 10 months and up. At this stage, caregivers steer the trike using the adjustable five-position handle. Safety features include a high-backed seat with headrest, a safety bar, and a seat belt. Supportive footrests fold down to support your baby's feet, so he or she can become familiar with the feel of pedals.
Phase Two: Start to Roll
When children reach 15 months of age, they'll be ready for the Ready Set Go! Trike's Start to Roll phase. At this stage, caregivers can remove the trike's headrest and safety bar. While parents still control the movement of the toy, they can pull out the clutch to unlock the handles and give their child a chance to steer.

Phase Three: Pedal and Go
The Ready Set Go! Trike's final phase is for children 24 months and up. At the Pedal and Go stage, caregivers can detach the steering handle, fold up the footrests, and push in the clutch for a complete trike with non-slip pedals and rubber wheels. Then, parents can watch as their newly independent cycler joyrides like the big kids.

Safety Features for Peace of Mind
The Ready Set Go! Trike is designed with safety in mind. A removable safety bar surrounds your child at the first stage, providing reinforced support so your little one stays securely in the seat. Additionally, a harness-style seat belt holds your child firmly in place, preventing unwanted side-to-side movement. A parking break is built into the back of the Ready Set Go! Trike, so parents can easily halt the toy with one foot. Non-slip rubber wheels and pedals maintain traction, so riders stay on course.
Finally, a detachable sun canopy helps shield your child from the sun and easily adjusts to your preferred angle.

Alex Ready, Set, Go! Red Trike

Don't forget a helmet for your toddler rider.

Blue Trike Helmet Size: Toddler

HUGE SALE on a COMBO PACK - Helmet Plus Pads:
Mickey Mouse Club Micro Bicycle Helmet and Protective Pad Value Pack (Toddler)

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