Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great Wholesale Source for Wholesale Closeouts and Liquidations, bulk closeouts overstocks supplies to re-sell on ebay, amazon, and flea markets

Whether you are looking for Wholesale Accessories, Wholesale Apparel, Wholesale Appliances, Case Lots, Cheap Clothing, Wholesale Domestics , Electronics Lots , Health and Beauty , Household , Wholesale Pallets , Wholesale Seasonal, Wholesale Shoes , Sporting Goods, Wholesale Tools , Truckloads , Wholesale Toys, Dollar Store lots or something from another category, this surplus and overstock dealer has it all. On average, they stock approximately 75 THOUSAND items.

This supplier is perfect for those just starting in re-selling business, such as ebay, and flea markets. Reason for this is because investment with this supplier is minimal due to the fact that they do let you purchase in scaled-down quantities, even single units. Of course, the more you buy, the more yous ave, so keep this in mind.

Not all of their products are competitively priced - such is the nature of surplus business. some items they receive directly, some they buy from a broker, or a middle-source, thus increasing items price. Overall, you will surely find competitively priced items that will give you a good re-sell margin.

Remember - ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH, and depending on where/how you sell, from experience, we can tell you that you DO NOT NEED TO BE LOWEST PRICED TO MAKE A SALE - NOT BY FAR.

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