Friday, May 28, 2010

Quality brand name wholesale, overstock, surplus merchandise by the pallet or truckload ( Kmart, WalMart, Sears, Target, ACE + Others)

This supplier is one of the major players in the department store overstock industry , featuring major department store BRAND NAME merchandise by the pallet or the truckload, for pennies on the dollar. Our customers have dealt with this company for many years, without a single issue to be heard of. They always come through with quality merchandise and some of the best prices around. Many other surplus dealers and wholesale suppliers buy a truckload from these folks and then re-sell by the pallet for profit.

If you are thinking of starting an ebay business, this could be a great place to start with a minimal investment. We suggest buying a single pallet of GENERAL MERCHANDISE(or 2 if you have cash reserve) to test out the waters. General merchandise pallets will give you a great mix of product, and will afford you the ability to see exactly what sells and what doesnt. From there, your next purchase might be of a specific category product, or you might do really well ) as MANY do), and continue buying general merchandise products, thus offering a good variety in your ebay store, or flea market venue.

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