Monday, June 14, 2010

Are you a WAHM / SAHM Wanting to start selling on eBay? You need legitimate wholesale sources!

anyone who sells online knows that finding honest and legitimate wholeseale suppliers is not easy. Too many companies are trying to get a quick buck off of you, and, without any hesitation, make promises they simply can not keep. What to do? where to start? who can you trust?

What we are showcasing today is a list of tried and true wholesale and dropshipping sources. for over 2 years, a kids educational media company we work with,, has been giving this list out for free to anyone who asked for it. We have recently made an arrangement to post this list on our site for much easier access. this is the same list some lame ebay sellers are selling for up to $20. shame on them!!

Here is the list:

Whether you are a new online seller or an expert, we welcome your questions. We will try to answer your questions to the best of our ability - no charge, of course.

e-mail us at: amazingsurplus [at] aol .com

PS. Most of the sources in this list can be found in one of the books currently sold on amazon, you do not need to buy these, just pointing out for "illustration" purposes

good luck!


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