Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If you Sell on EBAY, This is a MUST for you to have

If you sell on ebay, you most probably asked yourself one of these questions:

How much would my item sell for?

What's the best time to list?

How many days should i list this for?

Should i put a reserve on my item?

Should i list with or without buy it now?

Should I list using an auction format or a fixed price format?

What should be my starting price?

Should i offer free shipping?

These are all legitimate questions, but if you are not doing solid, data-supported research, you are simply guessing, and risking losing money or not bringing in as much as you could for a specific item(s). At some point ebay did away with their research tools, because it was costly for them to maintain, and other, far more superior tool was gaining ground. that tool is TERAPEAK, and you ought to strongly consider using it.

Watch a Terapeak eBay Research Demo

With Terapeak research you don't have to guess. You will know what sells, when it sells and for how much it sells. SIMPLE!

Ask an eBay powerseller about the tools they use, or better yet, ask them how they come up with answers to some of the above questions..... they will NOT tell you, or be elusive, at best. Fact is, eBay PowerSellers use Terapeak to keep an eye on their competition and marketplace. Many new sellers use research to get an idea of the existing market without taking unnecessary risks or creating test auctions. Casual sellers use Terapeak to value their product(s) and gain advantage over other sellers.

We have been using Terapeak ourselves since 2002, and can tell you that no other tool comes close, and if you think it's time consuming?.. THINK NOT!
Give Terapeak a shot, you owe it to yourself.

Research your competition

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  1. Thanks so much for letting me know about the mattress! I hadn't researched the Kolcraft ones at all. I actually hadn't heard about them until the giveaway! We have a babymod for our daughter which is a walmart brand and as much as I hate walmart, I love the mattress! I may just wind up buying another one for my son! :)


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