Friday, June 25, 2010

Designer floor lamps from $44 + Unbeatable deals on home decor, Kitchen Gadgets, Cds & DVDs, Toys & Games

We all love to save money, especially in this economy. We may shop at Walmart, Target, Kohls and the like, and while their discounts are great, at times, they might simply not be enough.

enter the "graveyard". Here, you can save up to 90% and more off retail everyday on DVD's, CD's, Housewares, Toys, Tools and much more.

This might just be the best online store you've never heard of. Why, you may ask? Well, because they do not advertise. Because majority of their customer base are ebay sellers and powersellers, who buy merchandise for resale on ebay., flea markets and their own websites. With that said, graveyardmall offers their products in a single unit quantity at the same low price - so WHY NOT BUY? Buy from one of ebay powersellers "best kept secret company". Keep it, re-sell it, gift it, do as you please. At such low prices, you can't afford not to give this company a look.

Unbeatable prices, great service, and SUPER LOW shipping fees, regardless of how bulky your item is.

One of their "deadly" deals today, is a beautifuldesigner stainless steel floor lamp, regular price is $359, now just $43.90. About a dozen other lamps are on sale as well.

DON't forget to use coupon code LIGHT625 to get your discount

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